Connect with Exhibitors- Visitors
Click to Enter the Hall

1. You can Preview the Booths just taking your arrow on the booths on Floor Plan
2. Click the booth Number to Enter the booth
3. You can Search on Name, Product and City in Search Box
4. Your Search Results Booths will be Highlighted on Floor Plan
5. You can dropdown the List of Exhibitors and Click to View the Booth
6. Your Time of Entry Start Once you enter the Booth.
7. Your Time of Exit Ends when you click to other booth or leave idle for 10 minutes.

Visit to Booth

You may find booths in3D graphics as above. Click the Gallery photographs to view different views of the Booth.

Click TV to view Video on TV

Connect Panel:


1. Click to Text Chatting: A Text Messenger Box will appear to chat with the Delegates.
2. Click to Call : You will be connected with the Delegates Directly on Telephone
3. Click to Video: You will be connected with Delegate thru Video.
Call Back Request

Brochure Stand
4. Click to View Booth Documents
5. Select the documents you want to download
6. Click Download. These Documents/ Brochure will be copied to your Digital Briefcase.
You can view / download these documents/ brochures from your digital briefcase from Your Dashboard.

7. You can send Email directly to Booths Exhibitor from here by click and drafting and sending.
8. Click the Booth Exhibitors Website to go to company website directly externally.

Social Media

You can connect with different social media from here to share the booths and details

Remark / Comment Box You can put your remarks / Comments here. Which you can download from your dashboard.

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